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Product:Dental Mini Push Button LED Quick Coupling Handpiece with Generator


1.Mini push cartridge,the German dynamic balance processing To make every piece of blades for the wind,operation is very stable,low noise,speed is fast and no vibration,longer more durable service life

2.Complete handle,good cooling effect

3.Universal to global dental chair

4.Self-illumination without Connecting Circuit.

5.Appearance perfect stable and reliable performance

6.Professional LED light source,superior brightness,Longevity 10000 hours,effectively solve the problem of perspective on the clinical treatment is not clear

7.With quick coupling can 360 degrees of freedom rotary interface,acoid swinging to lead to prevent the handpiece wire be tensioned,convenient and quick operation

8.Unique electric generator,just a little air can generate sufficient power

9.Can be 135℃ Sterilized

Technical data:

LED Bulb

1.Air pressure  : 0.20-0.22Mpa(2 hole) 0.25-0.27Mpa(4 hole)

2.Rotation speed: more than 300,000 rpm

3.Chuck type    : push button

4.Bur applicabie: Φ1.59mm~Φ1.6mm×21mm~23mm(diameter×length)

5.Noise         : less than 68dB

6.Spray         : one way spray

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