Optional Specifications

  • 1# 1.0
  • 2# 1.2
  • 3# 1.4
  • 4# 1.6
  • Product Detail

Packaging logo:
The outer packaging should be complete and undamaged, the information on the outer packaging box should be complete and clear, and the inner packaging should be flat and die-cut.
Packaging composition:
Each inner package should have 10 fiber piles, the outer package should contain 1 instruction manual, 1 product inner package, and 1 qualified mark on the outer package.
Fiber posts shall be free of defects such as burrs, cracks, scratches, powders, obviously exposed fibers, and obviously dipped fibers.
size: Meet the technical requirements of fiber pile products.
Surface hardness (Hd): The surface hardness should not be lower than 80Hd.
Bending strength (MPa) :Bending strength: ≧400MPa.
Flexural Modulus of Elasticity (GPa): Bending elastic modulus: should be within 29GPa±30%.
internal pores: The interior is observed with a 10x magnifying glass, and there should be no visible pores.
X-ray blocking properties:
The X-ray resistance of the fiber post should be equal to or greater than that of the aluminum plate of the same thickness as the material.
Water absorption value and dissolution value (μg/mm3):
Water absorption value less than or equal to 40μg/mm3,
The dissolution value is less than or equal to 7.5μg/mm3.
Bonding strength (Mpa): Bonding strength should not be less than 8MPa.



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