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SCM600 Operation microscopes(STANDARD)

  • Order Code:SCM600-ST
  • 1.Apochromatic optical system, high-quality imported optical lens, multi-layer nano optical coating
  • 2.Lighting uses imported LED lamp beads with a color rendering index of over 90%
  • 3.Adopt optimized mechanical mechanism design, gas spring imported from Germany, high quality Imported medical silent casters

  • Product Detail

Greater vision and clarity

Multi-layer optical lens from Germany , multi-layer nano-optical coating, 5-speed magnification,makes it clear and acute in each multiple. A mong them, the eyepiece uses a 12.5x wide-angle eyepiece to provide a large field of view and 3D stereo imaging. The diopter is +6~-6. The height of the eye cup is adjustable, and the operator wearing the glasses can work comfortably out of the glasses.

Apochromatic Optical System

The microscope uses apochromatic optical system to correct the refraction of different wavelengths of red, green and blue visible light, ensuring no chromatic aberration.Multi-layer optical lens from Germany , multi-layer nano-optical coating

New lighting concept

Equipped the lighting system with LED to provide you with high-quality lighting, regardless of color resolution or color temperature is close to natural daylight, cost-effective, no maintenance.

Colorless filter

The colorless filter image is clearer, and the image color is close to the state under natural light with less distortion.

Orange filter

The orange filter delays the curing of light-curing resin materials and prolongs the operation time.

More comfortable operation
0-15mm fine-turning large objective lens,f=250mm

Optional continuous zoom large objective lens
The working distance of the continuous zoom objective lens is 200-300mm,

and the zoom objective lens has a zoom range of up to 100mm.

Humanized engineering design

While you are treating patients, we pay more attention to your own comfort. Back pain is almost the feeling you feel

after working every day.

Due to its wide range of telescopic characteristics, it can adapt to the operator’s various

angles and different demand of position.

Gas spring imported from Germany
optimized mechanical structure swing arm and comfortable, angle adjustable handle design

The overall left and right (0-60°) adjustable tilt design, German imported gas spring, and optimized mechanical structure swing arm.

The handle angle can be adjusted at 360°, and the eyepiece tube can be adjusted from 0 to 180°.



Floor stand

Ceiling bracket

Desktop bracket

Wall bracket

Reliable logistics service

At present, our products have been sold to more than 80 countries and regions around the world.
We have reliable logistics services to ensure that the goods can reach your region accurately

Clinic installation diagram


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