SCM800 Operation microscopes(STANDARD)

Excellent optical performance

※Apochromatic optical system
※High eye point 12.5X wide-angle eyepiece, diopter adjustable
※Five-level magnification factor
※Zoom large objective lens
※Efficient and powerful lighting system
※Five kinds of lighting spots are adjustable

Powerful stand system

※0~180°variable angle binocular tube
※Convenient interpupillary distance adjustment function
※Host balance force adjustment device
※Balance arm balance force adjustment device
※Bracket system damping adjustment device
※German high-quality bearings and imported gas springs
※ Reserve HDMI transmission interface
※Microscope integrated base
※Medical silent casters

SOCO adheres to the spirit of craftsmanship, SCM800 more than
300 precision departments.
The parts have undergone the most rigorous testing and screening,
and each part is backed by.
It has a strong global supply chain support.

  • Product Detail
scm800-surgical microscope

Developed for dentists

13 years of deep cultivation in the dental industry,In-depth understanding of the needs of refined dental treatment3

Enjoy better visualization during dental surgery, benefit from increased physical comfort.

It brings clearer and better comfort to the user, allowing you to fully engage in the treatment work.

Among them, greatly optimize your treatment results.

Excellent optical performance

※Apochromatic optical system              ※High eye point 12.5X wide-angle eyepiece, diopter adjustable                     ※Five-level magnification factor

※Zoom large objective lens                    ※Efficient and powerful lighting system                                                               ※Five kinds of lighting spots are adjustable

High eye point 12.5X wide-angle eyepiece

High eye point wide-angle eyepieces allow for a wider field of view, making it easier to use.

The user’s eyes can be easily observed without being close to the eyepieces.The photometric design is more suitable for spectacle wearers

Apochromatic Optical System

The SCM800 uses an apochromatic optical system that can correct red,The refraction of different wavelengths of green and blue visible light ensures that in each Magnification levels reveal complete detail.

Five-level amplification factor

SCM800 has five-level amplification factor:(0.4, 0.6, 1, 1.6,2.5), the total magnification is 1.8x~19.1x to meet your different.
Treatment needs.

Large zoom objective / Working distance: 200mm-415mm

Large zoom objective for general dentistry with a working distance of.

Between 200mm and 415mm, the focusing range completely covers the entire oral depth, can improve efficiency and focus, while keeping Ergonomic.

Efficient and powerful lighting system

The SCM800 lighting system has high color perception and color reproduction, making it easier to distinguish treatment details, 

especially for small, deep, and narrow cavities. 5 kinds of lighting spots are optional, with lower energy consumption and longer service life.

SCM800 has the function of raising the balance arm to automatically turn off the light source 

and pulling it down to automatically turn on the light source.

Five illumination spots are optional

Allows you to focus more on the treatment area when you choose a small to medium white spot.

Lighting of the area to avoid interference caused by light reflection in other areas,It also gives patients a more comfortable treatment experience.

White, green, orange filter modes

White light source mode:
High color rendering index, more color lifelike.

Orange light source mode:
Resin material can be retarded curing time.

Green light source mode: See clearly in the surgical environment tiny nerve blood vessels.

Standard large objective lens
protection cover:

The standard large objective lens protection cover can 
avoid splashing of water droplets, impurities, etc. brought 
into the large objective lens during treatment, resulting in 
large objects mirror damage, and at the same time easy 
to clean.

Powerful stand system

※0~180°variable angle binocular tube            ※Convenient interpupillary distance adjustment function            ※The balance force adjustment device of the microscope host

※Microscope balance arm balance force adjustment device            ※Bracket system damping adjustment device              ※German high-quality bearings and imported gas springs

※ Reserve HDMI transmission interface                     ※Microscope integrated base                          ※Medical silent casters

0~180° variable angle binocular tube

0~180° adjustable binocular tube improves the comfort angle when you work. Moderation and flexibility for wider viewing

Interpupillary distance adjustment

The interpupillary distance adjustment function helps you adjust to suit yourself.  The interpupillary distance, the interpupillary distance adjustment range is 55-75mm.

Pendulum system

Under the condition that the doctor’s sitting position remains unchanged, the host tilts to the left and right can maintain a horizontal viewing position.

Host balance force adjustment device

The microscope host can adjust the torque and damping according to the load to maintain the balance of the microscope; after loading digital accessories such as cameras and video cameras, the host can still be adjusted to keep the host in a balanced state.

Bracket system damping adjustment device

When you adjust the microscope bracket system to any position, the microscope bracket system can hover.

German high-quality gas spring

The key parts of SCM800 adopt German high-quality gas spring. Allows you to provide better mechanics when moving the microscope arm.

Balance arm balance force adjustment device

help you adjust the support force feel of the balance arm according to the load of the microscope host.

Integrated base

The integrated base provides a more stable support effect, and at the same time integrates the power supply of the whole machine, the appearance design is simple and easy to maintain.

Quiet Medical Casters

When you need to move the microscope, the 3-inch silent medical casters can be quieter and more stable when moving.

Reserve HDMI transmission interface

Reserve the HDMI transmission interface to reserve the 
upgrade space when you upgrade and install the video 
system later.



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