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SOCO external electric suction machine

  • Model:SC-V106
  • Voltage:220V/50Hz
  • Power:220W
  • Air Flow:Rate 310m*/h
  • Noise:< 65db
  • Filtration Effect:0 .3μm 99.97%
  • Size:400x255x485mm
  • N.W:21kg
  • Folding Arm Length:1820mm
  • Folding Arm Diameter:63mm

  • Product Detail


A security guard for doctors, nurses and patients


SOCO dental Suction Systems centralized suction oral diagnosis and treatment process Bacterial gas-containing glue Five protections, restore clean diagnosis and treatment environment High efficiency filtering effect reaches 99.99%UVC disinfection lamp

Original high efficiency filter layer

Independent filter element, large capacity, eliminate filter element leakage, increase service life by 2 times

Washable primary effective cotton

Preliminary filter droplets, aerosols, cutting dust debris, blood

Water vapor absorbing filter

Absorb all moisture and droplets and aerosols


Blocking particles less than 0.3 micron

Active carbon filter

Absorb odor and fume

UVC disinfection lamp

Disinfection and sterilization

The strong suction power is due to the excellent off-core fan

The maximum air intake of 310m / h is strong enough to leave no residue

Large diameter suction pipe Droplet and aerosol inhalation rate exceeds 99%

Low noise, strong power, noise less than 65dbLow noise, strong power, noise less than 65db

SOCO dental suction system using brushless DC centrifugal fan, permanent magnet stator and ball bearing cooperate with streamline vortex Flow duct, the longest service life can reach 40,000 hours, no maintenance, high reliability

Easy to adjust and compact

Leading fluid mechanics design

Extraoral Suction Unit adopt multi-section universal aluminum alloy suction arm, precisely point to the suction site, aim at the oral cavity The design of transparent circular suction cover is more convenientfor visual field observation, and the whole machine is compact

Intelligent control, simple operation

The LCD screen can intuitively display the current working status of the machine, which can be used The body panel is adjusted as needed.

10-speed adjustment, fine feedback

Fine feedback of real-time speed, air volume and static pressure; Negative display technology LCD screen, clearer from a distance, bright light.


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  2. How far away from the mouth does the head vacuum nozzle need to sit please?

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