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SOCO|2020 Shanghai Exhibition ended successfully, see you next time!

From October 28th to 31st, the four-day 24th China International Dental Equipment Exhibition and Academic Symposium (DenTech China) has come to a successful conclusion!

SOCO will take you to review the 4-day grand occasion of the Shanghai Exhibition~

As a modern enterprise specializing in the production and sales of dental precision medical equipment, SOCO focuses on the true display of its own products and corporate strength. It is hoped that this exhibition can bring customers and visitors the most comprehensive, intuitive and most comprehensive Sincere feelings. At this Shanghai exhibition, SOCO will bring a series of self-developed high-quality dental products: SCM600 operating microscope, SC Nitinol File System, dental handpiece, root canal therapy instrument, to appear in Q33!

On the morning of winter in Shanghai, the daylight has not yet had time to dissipate the cold, so the friends of SOCO have already arrived at the exhibition early to prepare the display of products. In this age when the aroma of wine is also afraid of deep alleys, good products must not only have excellent quality, but also have good-looking external packaging, and of course, they cannot do without standard display.

On the first day of the exhibition, guests were like clouds. SOCO’s friends greeted every customer with the fullest mental state, high-quality service and enthusiastic smile, striving to let everyone who is interested can understand SOCO. Their interest becomes a kind of understanding and a kind of trust, allowing customers to deeply feel the unique charm of our Morikawa! The exhibition hall is full of sparks of ideas exchange and collision between the company and customers. Face-to-face conversations with customers, exchanges of product and market experience, truly seamless connection with customers, showing an extraordinary visual feast.

On the second day of the exhibition, the SOCO exhibition hall was still crowded and lively. The SCM600 operating microscope attracted many visitors. Clear, flexible, and novel are its biggest features. Regardless of appearance design, practical performance or technical content, SCM600 operating microscope is the most suitable choice!

At the same time, the microscope production workshop of Morikawa Precision SOCO Foshan Factory is also shipping non-stop!

A group of photos seemed to bring everyone back to the scene of the lucky draw at the exhibition. During the lucky draw, there was a surging crowd and long queues, which was another beautiful scenery of the exhibition.

Participate easily and take the prizes home for free! Let’s look at the lucky ones below:

In addition, in the Morikawa Surgical Microscope Experience Zone, the boss personally teaches the operation, making it simple, easy and quick to get started!

In the last half of the day of the 2020 Shanghai Exhibition, SOCO’s friends arrived at the scene as early as usual, sticking to the end! At noon, the site also began to withdraw. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the number of visitors to the exhibition has decreased compared with previous years. However, the exhibition is still held very successfully, which shows that everything is developing in a good direction. The dental medical equipment industry is developing in a good direction.

SOCO will continue to provide customers with higher-quality products with endless innovation and ingenuity, in order to give back to every new and old user who supports Morikawa!

The wonderful movement has come to an end, and the bright prospects of the future are even more exciting. SOCO is ready to go, the next stop is more exciting!



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