SOCO|South China International Dental Exhibition 2024 has concluded successfully. See you next year! | SOCO PRECISION INSTRUMENT CO.,LTD


SOCO|South China International Dental Exhibition 2024 has concluded successfully. See you next year!

Successful conclusion

The 29th South China International Dental Medical Equipment Exhibition
cum technical seminar
Four-day South China International Dental Exhibition
Successful ending!

During the four days, what are the highlights at Morikawa’s booth?

Let’s review the highlights of the scene together!

The new SOCO SCM850 surgical microscope firmly occupies the “C position” with its outstanding appearance and excellent quality, becoming the brightest “star” on the field, attracting many visitors to come and experience it. The powerful optics imported from Germany The system’s excellent optical performance has won praise from fellow dentists!

SOCO’s partners greet every visitor at the exhibition with their fullest spirit, high-quality service and warm smiles, give detailed introductions and answers, discuss customer needs, and insist on helping the dentistry dream move forward!

“Super cutting force, anti-fatigue, anti-breakage, good flexibility, safe, and easy to operate” This is the impression of every doctor after using SC nickel-titanium files. As a high-quality dental brand, SOCO has always adhered to the spirit of craftsmanship and strived to use SC nickel-titanium files. Clinicians who repay us with the best products, thank you all teachers for your support and recognition.

With the development of the times, the progress of society, and the continuous improvement of people’s spiritual and material living standards, dental microscopy has become the general trend, and oral microscopy technology has received more and more attention.

Build and share together, communicate and learn from each other

Work hand in hand to promote development

The time we spend together is always so short,

The four-day exhibition came to an end soon.

SOCO will bring full harvest

and look forward to continuing to overcome difficulties and forge ahead,

Provide you with more cost-effective products and services,

For the popularization of oral microscopy technology

and promotion to create greater value.

Looking forward to the next oral feast,

Let’s meet again!

Let’s go to the next wonderful event together!



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