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SOCO|The new Pro series of dental microscope courses

With the advent of the era of refinement, more and more dental clinics have introduced dental microscopes, but the use of dental microscopes is still a problem. The irregular clinical operation skills under the microscope and the non-standard medical positions are severely constrained. The efficiency of clinical work hits the self-confidence of clinicians, and often causes some dental microscopes in clinics to be “shelved”, “abandoned without use”, and “have nothing to do with it.”

This series of courses Morikawa Precision is very honored to once again invite the microscopic root canal expert: Mr. Wang Bingsen, from December to January every Tuesday at 20:00, Mr. Wang Bingsen will teach everyone at Morikawa College and share the dry goods!

Through live learning, we will help doctors understand the dental microscope, master the operation of the microscope and basic root canal treatment operations, help students improve the treatment effect and improve the clinical efficiency, so that the root canal microscope becomes a handy helper for clinicians!

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I believe that learning will not only lay a solid foundation for the further development of the dentist’s profession, but also provide a place and a technical platform for the development and exchange of the dentistry profession in Datong, cultivate more outstanding dental professionals, and raise the public’s awareness of oral health.

Please lock it every Tuesday-20:00 PM

Morikawa College-Focus on modern root canal microscopy

December 21st, 8 p.m. / See you or leave

Learn together and grow together!

Use a dental microscope to help you see the details!



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