The 27th South China International Dental Exhibition in 2022 ended successfully! | SOCO PRECISION INSTRUMENT CO.,LTD


The 27th South China International Dental Exhibition in 2022 ended successfully!

The 27th South China International Dental Medical Equipment Exhibition

cum technical seminar

The four-day South China International Dental Exhibition

A successful closing, a successful closing!

7 major exhibition halls 55000+㎡ 800+ exhibitors

How many people’s little dreams

crowded, bustling

how many steadfast steps,

It is walking on the way to reach your dream!

Here, thank you very much

Distributors, new and old customers and friends from afar

Support and trust in SOCO Precision,

It is your participation that makes SOCO wonderful!

During the four-day period, what are the highlights of SOCO’s booth?

Let’s review the wonderful scene together!

2022 South China Dental Exhibition | Highlight 1

On the first day of the Guangzhou Dental Exhibition, the spring breeze was warm and the temperature was just right. The 2022 South China International Dental Exhibition opened with great anticipation! SOCO Precision will bring a series of high-quality dental products to meet you. In addition to the excellent product quality, it will also appear in 14.2-C03 with a variety of exhibits and a new image, once again interpreting the new height of SOCO Precision brand development with strength!

2022 South China Dental Exhibition | Highlight 2

Due to the epidemic, the number of visitors in the exhibition hall has decreased compared with previous years, but SOCO SCM600 operating microscope has firmly occupied the “C position” with its outstanding appearance and excellent quality, and has become the brightest “star” on the field. It attracted a large number of visitors to experience it. The powerful optical system imported from Germany and its excellent optical performance were praised by fellow dentists!

2022 South China Dental Exhibition | Highlight 3

“Super cutting force, anti-fatigue, anti-fracture, good flexibility, safety, and simple operation” is the impression of every doctor after using SC nickel-titanium files. The clinicians who return the best products, thank you teachers for your support and affirmation!

We always uphold a warm sense of service to welcome every visitor at the exhibition. We present it with practical communication, warm and sincere caring service, introduce and answer them in detail, and discuss customer needs.

2022 South China Dental Exhibition | Highlight 4

There is also our most exciting lottery event at the exhibition. The lottery site was once surrounded by water, and the event was easy to participate in. Dentists and friends were full of enthusiasm in the event. The winning rate was 100%. Family!

2022 South China Dental Exhibition | Highlight 5

“This is China Central Television, China Central Television, CCTV Channel” CCTV’s exclusive mantra, this phrase we are no longer familiar with, reappeared yesterday at SOCO Precision’s booth number C03 in Hall 14.2 of the South China Dental Exhibition. With the development of the times and social changes With progress, people’s spiritual and material living standards continue to improve, and the general trend of microscopic oral cavity is going down, and oral microscopic technology has received more and more attention.

The time together is always so short,

The 4-day exhibition came to an end soon,

SOCO Precision will bring a full harvest

And look forward to continuing to overcome difficulties and forge ahead,

To provide you with more cost-effective products and services,

for the popularization of oral microscopy

and promotion to create greater value.

Looking forward to the arrival of the next oral feast,

Let’s meet again!

Let’s go to the next exciting!



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