The SOCO exhibition area of Beijing Dental Expo 2021 was full of popularity, and it ended successfully today! | SOCO PRECISION INSTRUMENT CO.,LTD


The SOCO exhibition area of Beijing Dental Expo 2021 was full of popularity, and it ended successfully today!

The four-day 26th Beijing International Dental Exhibition ended successfully on June 12th at the Beijing National Convention Center. Thank you for the support of doctors and distributors from all corners of the world and your company along the way. It is your participation that has made SOCO wonderful.

Wonderful review

On June 9, the 26th Beijing International Dental Exhibition was grandly opened at the Beijing National Convention Center. Exhibitors and customers from all over the world gathered to share this feast of the dental industry! The scene is in full swing and extremely hot! SOCO’s booth is even more crowded! A video takes you to experience this popular oral industry event!

There was a rush of people in front of the SOCO counter, and the exhibition hall was full of friends! SOCO’s friends all explain the products to customers with the fullest mental state, high-quality service and enthusiastic smiles, so that customers can further contact and understand the characteristics and use skills of the products. Customers who come to consult and exchange also have opinions about Morikawa’s products. Praise it! SC Niti File System has been unanimously recognized by everyone!

Looking back at the entire exhibition, every corner of the exhibition hall is “people follow the crowd”! There is an endless stream of people who come to experience the SOCO Operating microscope, and the audience is a well-deserved “eye-catching king”! Morikawa’s friends patiently taught every experiencer and introduced the features of SCM600O Operating microscope, doing their best to bring every customer a better and higher-quality experience.

The SOCO SCM600Operating microscope achieves exquisite workmanship and pursues excellence in terms of appearance design, practical performance and technical content! The optical system imported from Germany is adopted, and the excellent optical performance is praised by the dentists!

SOCO Lucky Draw Zone Gifts will not stop! There is a constant flow of people and surprises! The big turntable rotates continuously all day! 100% winning! Send out one hundred exquisite gifts and multiple awards every day!

I would also like to thank the doctors and teachers for their enthusiastic participation, and thank you very much for your love and support of the SOCO SCM600 Operating microscope!

Lasted 4 days

The 26th Beijing International Dental Exhibition

It ended successfully in the gathering of SOCO and new and old customers!

Thank you for your participation, discussion, and communication

I also believe that all exhibitors have gained a lot this time

We will continue to work hard

Treat every customer with care as always

Good use of products, good service returns

Thank you for your trust in us

Looking forward to our next time

A more romantic and beautiful meeting!



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