SCHG01 Three Spray Three Air Spray handpiece | SOCO PRECISION INSTRUMENT CO.,LTD


  • High speed handpiece:G18 series/G03 series/G01 series
  • Chuck type:push button/latch
  • Noise:≤68dB
  • Air pressure at the back end of HP:0.25-0.27MPA(4hole) 0.20-0.22MPA(2hole)
  • Bur Spplicable:Ø1.59-Ø1.6mmx21-23mm
  • Rotation speed:≥300,000rpm

  • Product Detail

Integrated CNC molding

CNC integrated processing and forming of machine head, the high concentricity is more consistent and not easy to deform,higher accuracy

German dynamic balance

Each movement is balanced by a German dynamic balancing machine. the bearing capacity of the shaft is even and stable,the noise is lower, and the service life is longer

Unique anti suction and dust-proof structure

It makes it more difficult for the dust generated in the grinding process to enter the bearing And greatly increase service life of handpiece bearings

G18 series

Anti-retraction high speed standard push handpiece

Anti-retraction high speed max push handpiece

G03 series

Six way spray Stan push handpiece

Six way spray Max push handpiece

1way spray

Standard Head Push button High-speed Handpiece

Super Torque Head Push button High-speed Handpiece

45° push button handpiece


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  1. Jorge armando

    Hola. Como estan? Reciban un saludos cordil. Me llamo jorge delgadillo soy odontologo de prefesion. M3 gustaria recibir informacion sobre las turbinas clasicas pish boton y las de cabezal de 45°
    Porfavor envieme informacion detallada, cantidad linima de pedido. Cotizacion por EXW y express hasta bolivia-cochabamba. Gracias.
    Mi correo
    +591 76485830

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