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SCHF19 optical series handpiece

  • High speed handpiece:3 way spray 3 air
  • Chuck type:push button
  • Bulb:LED light
  • Noise:≤70dB
  • Air pressure:0.25-0.27MPA(6hole)
  • Bur Spplicable:Ø1.59-Ø1.6mmx21-23mm
  • Rotation speed:≥300,000rpm
  • Bulb power:1W
  • Work voltage:2.9v-3.2v
  • Work current:160mA.

  • Product Detail

Integrated CNC molding

The handpieces in dentistry head of CNC one-time forming processing can ensure Higher concentricity and consistency, not easy to deform Precise air return, long life, low noise and beautiful Smooth shape, easy to clean.

German dynamic balance

The bearing imported from Germany is adopted,good quality and long service life

Fiber optic handpiece every movement passes through the German dynamic balancing machine balanced, accurate to every lobule the equilibrium of is less than 3 mg / 10000, thus, the bearing force of the shaft is even and the operation is stable low noise and long service life

3 way spray,3 air

The purpose of the three-point water spray is to make the cooling water turn into a needle, wrap the needle evenly around the axis so that it is high Efficient uniform cooling

Unique anti return suction system

Unique three-point air-jet station design enables, Form a layer of protection between cooling water and machine head, Air pressure, which can prevent the needle from rotating at high speed , It causes blood debris and dirt to enter during rotation inside

Unique anti suction and dust-proof structure

It makes it more difficult for the dust generated in the grinding process to enter the bearing And greatly improve the service life of mobile phone bearings

High brightness lighting system

Optical fiber illumination imported LED lighting source, with extraordinary durability; glass optical fiber, can make the treatment area clear and ensure the area domain illuminance ≥ 25000lx, even if repeated high temperature and high pressure disinfection, performance will not deteriorate

Fit w&h sirona kavo nsk


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  1. Dr. Eran Geva

    i would like to buy 5 turbin F19GK1 – SPQ/TPQ with quick coupling with generator les fit to the kavo turbin.
    I be glad to get an offer and to know the diferance between SPQ to TPK.
    Thank’s Dr. Eran Geva

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