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SCHG18 Clean head system handpiece

  • High speed handpiece:3 way spray
  • Chuck type:push button type
  • Noise:≤68dB
  • Bur Spplicable:Ø1.59mm-Ø1.6mmx21mm-23mm(diameterxlength)
  • Rotation speed:≥300,000rpm

  • Product Detail

The special clean head designed to avoid the entryof oral fluids and other impurity into handpiece head

Cartridge passed the Germany dynamic balance machine test

Single water spray more three air spray Head and cartridge with anti -dust structure

Ceramic bearing Closed style with less noise

German dynamic balance

Every movement passes through the German dynamic balancing machine balanced, accurate to every lobule the equilibrium of is less than 3 mg / 10000, thus, the bearing force of the shaft is even and the operation is stable low noise and long service life

Clean head system

It makes it more difficult for the dust generated in the grinding process to enter the bearing And greatly improve the service life of mobile phone bearings


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