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SOCO sales team building activities have ended successfully!

Midsummer is when summer is sunny and windy

In order to enhance the cohesion of the sales team,

Teamwork awareness

Create a harmonious working atmosphere

SOCO’s sales team is in

Facing the lake and mountains, the scenery is pleasant

Midea Heron Lake Tourist Resort

Team building activities begin!

It is an eternal topic that people take food as their heaven

We have an orderly division of labor,

Some people wash fabrics, some people wear strings,

Someone burns coal to make a fire,

Under the solidarity of SOCO people

It didn’t take long for the “barbecue stall” in the yard to open!

The smoke from the barbecue,

With the flame of coal,

Fragrant meat skewers, attractive colors, rich ingredients…

The aroma of barbecue overflows,

Love heats up in a string of two brushes and three roasts,

Bringing each other closer through food and laughter.

At the same time, our singing contest also kicked off.

One person in each group sings solo, and two people sing in harmony.

Although there was no audio accompaniment at the scene, my colleagues

No stage fright, immersed in a happy atmosphere,

Share your favorite music with everyone.

In order to exercise team coordination and combat ability

and eloquence, thinking ability,

The first active debate competition – officially started!

Colleagues are divided into three pairs: ABC and PK

Everyone is focused on listening to each other and

defend one’s point of view

Gradually push the atmosphere of the arena to a climax,

As a result, the three teams have one win and one loss, and the game is tied! !

SOCO sales team outdoor team building activities

It ends with everyone’s laughter.

In the future, we will also be more united,

A fuller spirit and enthusiasm are integrated into life and work,

Be brave to innovate when encountering problems, dare to surpass,

Fight for your dreams and create brilliance together!



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  1. I can see why SOCO’s sales team has been making so many rounds on the internet; it all makes sense to me now. While I couldn’t figure out what it was about before, I can undoubtedly make sense of it now!

  2. I’m glad to know that these team-building activities have ended successfully. I didn’t think it would be successful, but the fact that it just makes me happy.

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